Where the Magic Happens....

How many of us desire to have the "magic" happen in our lives?

This sign is from my daughter's office. She has just accepted a position as a graduate assistant in Illinois. I know what you're thinking...first, you can't believe that I have a daughter with an office and second that she is going to Illinois of all places. (If you are reading from Illinois, I hope I haven't offended you...I have actually never been there.)

Anyway, my daughter, who is now moving to Illinois this summer, is a (super) planner. She would like people to believe that she is laid back and impromptu, but really she loves to know what's next. She makes lists, organizes her ideas, and wants to know what is happening in her future, especially when she is nervous about something. This is a girl at 13 who told me that she made major decisions in her life by assigning them number values and putting them in the Quadratic Equation. That was my first clue (that she was a little nerdy) that she needed organization in her life. She doesn't really like change and is all about predictability, so this big move is causing her a bit of stress. She is completely moving out of her comfort zone, which has always been Portland, and on to another place that is completely unknown. I am so excited for her because this is an amazing opportunity for her future...

This is also about me moving out of my comfort zone. My daughter is a huge part of my heart. For five years when she was young, it was just her and I. She is the other set of estrogen that lives in our house dominated by boys. She is my daughter, of course, but she is also a friend. I love being with her and we enjoy spending time together. I am not going to lie, this is going to be difficult...I will miss her beyond what I can even imagine, but I know, that in order for the magic to happen for her, she must move out of her comfort zone. With her move, I am hoping that some magic will happen for me too!

So many of us block the magic from occurring in our own lives because we are afraid of moving out of our comfort zone. It is comfortable there (clearly) and for most of us, the predictability is nice. Everything is familiar and we know what to expect. What will it take for each of us to be willing to step out of our own comfort zone and into the unknown?

If we stay within our own comfort zone, we will never grow and expand. We will become stagnant beings unable to even imagine what could be in our future. Sure, it's easy to stay where we are, go with the flow, but if we are truly going to build on our skill set, expand our wealth of knowledge and experience, we must move out of the zone.

Think about what "being in the zone" means...being focused, comfortable...We should really strive to be "out of the zone." That, my friends, is where the magic really happens...I don't know about you, but I am excited to see what that magic might be and get out of the zone!


  1. This is a great commentary, Shannon. Thanks.

  2. Proud of her! Loved working with her and I know she will do great things!!! ❤❤❤

  3. Your love for yuor daughter oozes through this piece. You are so right about the need to grow and change - the need we all have to leave our comfort zone just a bit - because it is only then that we grow. PS I LOVE that the quadratic equation quote!

  4. Shannon,
    Such a hard and wonderful time for both you and your daughter. A time for growth and change, and new beginnings, but also a time of endings. And those are always hard. My son left to play football at a junior college in Phoenix last summer. It's 900 miles away from me. I totally believe that he is where he should be right now, and I miss him so, so, so much! I love the idea of moving outside of the comfort zone to move to where the magic happens. I need to remember this! Thanks!

  5. Sounds like you will visit Illinois sooner than later!


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