The Playground in Heaven...

Yesterday morning I received news that another boy who has MTM, the disease my son has, passed away. He was 7. Another child lost...another angel gone. Over the last nine years, we have lost so many...about ninety children and young adults to this disease.

I'd like to think that they are at the Playground in Heaven. The older welcoming the younger ones...age determined by how long they have been playing. When they arrive, they have bodies that are free to run and play. They laugh out loud and chase one another. Their bodies are vibrant and healthy. The breathe into lungs that are strong and their hearts beat fully. Every aspect of them is fresh and new.

I think about these sweet angels, wind blowing through their hair...both boys and girls swinging and on the bars. Running from one toy to another, holding hands, laughing. The young adults on benches surrounding the Playground, reminding them to be careful, not run to fast, then laughing and telling them to run as fast as these healthy legs will let them.

I know that my Grampa is there...He is watching over them, reminding them how loved they missed they are. He reminds them to go and whisper into their parents ear, help ease their pain, their loss. Those who remain here on earth feel the time crawling by, the loss heavy in their chests. For those at the Playground, time flies by like the blink of an eye, their bodies never tire, they are never weary.

The Playground in Heaven is a place where peace and joy and love resides. For all the sweet angels that spend their forever days free sweet ones...know you are missed...every second of every minute of every day. We love you...

You were born with potential
You were born with goodness and trust
You were born with ideals and dreams
You were born with greatness
You were born with wings
You were not meant for crawling, so don't
You have wings
Learn to use them and fly...



  1. I loved your poem and thank you for sharing this heart felt slice with us.

  2. This was really moving! I love the poem, it's beautiful.

  3. Shannon- This is a beautiful post. Sounds like lots of those little guys have waited a long time for bodies that are free to run and play. I picture dogs there too, maybe a big old Golden Retriever, like my dog Ramsey. He would be there hanging out with kids and loving on them and keeping an eye on anyone who might be feeling a little shy. I love the Rumi poem…

  4. I love the notion of the sacred Playground. As a teacher, I know the love the children have for their freedom on the playground. It is definitely where we hear the most joyous laughter, the secret whispers, the triumphant celebrations of risks being taken, and the friendships growing on their own. Every child deserves that, and I love the picture you paint of every child receiving that, wherever they are. Blessings...

  5. Sweet tribute. So sad to lose a child. Every day is a gift that we so often take for granted. A day of our own lives to live and a day that our loved ones are in it with us.


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