The New Year's Owl...

How could you not want to kiss this face?
Today was a day that my mind has been full...all day long, I "notice" things about my life and wonder, "Is this what I will write about tonight?" Every evening before I write, I read some really great blogs...tonight I was reading "Self, Good Day" , which was a tribute to her mom, and I was thinking about parents, and my personal grab bag of the lot. Then I was reading Family Trove, a commentary of education on Finland, and I thought..."Naaah...been there." I remembered that today was the anniversary of my step-father's death long ago. Maybe I should write about him. Or that my newcomer who barely speaks English, after only six months in the country was just a single point from meeting the benchmark (which had me jumping in excitement!). So many possibilities.

Then two things happened....I remembered that my husband (who is from Iran) reminded me that today was his New Year (and I remembered that I needed to tell my student from Iran, "Happy New Year.") and I went in to put my youngest to bed. Then I had my topic...

My youngest, who I know I have spoken about before, has a smile that can light up a room. He is wide eyed and fully facially expressive with his wide gap-toothed grin and sparkling eyes. Last night, I went in to tuck him in and he just wanted me to kiss him (his favorite thing EVER!!). I think I spent about 20 - 25 minutes just kissing his face. To some that might seem like overkill, but, no joke here, he could have kissing sessions that are hours long! He loves to have his cheeks kissed, his eyelids, his forehead (and he likes to kiss my forehead), his lips, his nose, his ears, his hair (you get the idea) over and over and over. He smiles the most peaceful smile and looks thoroughly entranced by getting kissed. He is unlike any other child I have had or have seen. You would think that kissing is a competitive sport and stamina is most encouraged.

Tonight I went in and was greeted by the most enormous smile. He was already pointing to where he wanted kisses. FIrst I got him fully prepared for bed...tucked in his "nest" (a pregnancy pillow that is wrapped in a oval and he lays on supporting all parts of his body), with Razzberry on his arm (a giraffe that can be heated up...his one and favorite toy!), and his red blanket (down...we have three different ones. He will only use the green blanket in a pinch...Red is where it's at.) I feed him (he has a g-tube and gets liquid diet), made sure he was comfortable and none of his clothes have wrinkles (since he can't move independently) and made sure his legs, arms, and body are in a comfortable position. Then the kissing began. He kept smiling and pointing to where he wanted to be kissed, then all of the sudden, he is pulling my glasses off so we can "get closer," while continuing to smile...another five minutes or so and it was sleeping time...

Really, is there anything better? My husband is having New Year and I get to spend every night kissing the sweetest boy in my world. I think that although all sorts of other things were good...kissing my little Boopi (Persian for owl) is truly the best part of my night! Gives me perspective on how the small things are really the best things!


  1. Sounds like a pretty great night. I hope you have kept a list of all the other ideas that crossed your mind to write about. They will be great food for fodder on another day.

  2. Such a great bedtime ritual! Your little guy sounds like a real love! Love the details of your time together!

  3. Shannon, I love this! I love the little ritual you get to have with with your son--you are such an awesome mom!


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