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Today I had the opportunity to go to the Oregon State Capitol and meet my legislators. This is the first time I have really done this work and it was a powerful experience. I had the opportunity to "tell a little of my story" involving my youngest son and why funding for home care shouldn't be cut for seniors and people with disabilities. To have the opportunity to speak to people who are in a  position to talk to others of power was pretty amazing. Do I think my one story is going to tip the scale, I don't know, but someone's will.

When I think about those times when we "tell our story" to others, we are creating a space in the universe for this story to be heard. Each night, as I am writing, I am becoming more and more aware that my story is being revealed to others. You are becoming entwined in my life and I in yours.

Today my story was about my son and potential funding issues involved in raising him in our home. We have a strong desire to keep him here with those who love him.  His story was told to emphasize how important it is to give families the opportunity to stay together. This struggle is a very real is part of our family's story. (and so many others we know!) We have a lot of elements in our story...four children, his, hers, and ours, each of them on a very different path from one another, yet bound by love for their family. Trying to find the balance between their other family and ours...their youngest brother and his needs and each other. The youngest is our bridge child, the one that binds the older ones together. He is a large piece of our family's story...

Every day, each and every one of us is creating the story we will tell. Whether it is one that is passed quietly from generation to generation or one that is told publicly to others, these stories plant seeds in others. Whether our story is one that makes a national impact, or one that is privately shared, it does not matter, because it is the foundation upon which we are built. From the moment we are born until we perish, we create our story. Some of us see in on story boards in our heads, while others see a running movie that extends throughout our lives...knowing our story and sharing with others can give hope, the feeling of community, and the idea that this one may be "the" story that tips the scales...the one that can make a powerful difference to others.

And that, my friends, makes it worth telling!


  1. So well said. Good luck with being able to take care of your son the way you wish to.

  2. I love this and couldn't agree more. Having just finished writing an historical fiction based on the life of my grandmother--a story I didn't hear until after she was gone--I am passionate about helping others discover the story that has been written in their family's history. It has made us who we are and knowing it can make all the difference. I'm excited to meet you and look forward to watching your story unfold.

  3. Story is vital to who we are. Thank you for sharing this piece of your narrative and for telling it to those in power, too.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity and I would imagine a bit daunting. Good for you for doing it! I have a brother who is on disability and stays home and the funding for him to be able to do so is crucial. He would not have the quality of life that he wishes to have if things were different. I appreciate your efforts and enjoyed how you wrote about the stories of our lives.

  5. I agree with you. Story is a huge part of who we are as human beings and how we make sense of the world. I'm glad you got to share your story so that people who have to make decisions could understand exactly who they are impacting. I pray that it made a difference!

  6. She is incredible!! I have had some special moments with her I will never forget..... Thank you for bringing this special girl into this world Shannon!!

  7. I love telling stories. I recently saw "Lincoln" and was delighted to see him do the same thing. Stories are powerful and lifechanger by both the teller and the listener.

    I popped over here from Blogging from A to Z Challenge on Facebook. I look forward to knowing you... and reading your stories!)

    Julie Jordan Scott
    Literary Grannies from A to Z


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