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Have you ever had one of those days? A day when you wish you could just go back and hit restart? Last week I had one of those days...

Today was a new day, fresh and clean...a day when I realized who my friends were, who are the people that support me, a day when I looked at myself and said, "you're okay."

We only have one shot at this life and we can either worry through it or we can live it fully. Think of those you might know who are always grumbling about their lives...who are they kidding? Do they think that they get another chance when this one is over? This is it...our one chance to live.

Being happy (or at least satisfied) is really the only option. I think about earlier years in my own life when I was miserable...a nearly nervous breakdown in my 20's, led to a depression that wasted a year of my life. A year that I can't get back. I look at that time, at that self, and I feel sad. Sad that I was willing to give up on being healthy in exchange for being sad. Sometimes when we are younger we don't bother to really look at the ramifications. Why is wisdom wasted on those who are older. If we could gather these ideas in our youth, think how much less time we would waste being miserable. We would leave the relationship that isn't giving back, we would be willing to abandon so called friends who are taking more than giving, we would prioritize ourselves, be selfish.

We have to be willing to give it all, take the leap, try harder, be satisfied, learn from our past, do better next time, make mistakes, revel in the experience.

We have to be willing to heal our broken heart, realize that we have the greatest power of all, love completely, walk away if we need to, laugh from the depths, cry for healing and share with reckless abandon.

Living life means making choices. Life without fear, worry, or exception. Life life to the fullest. When you look back, years from now you want to be able to say, "I did great!"

So start now!!


  1. This was such an excellent post. As a 22 year old college student who is known for being a worrier, I needed to see this. We do have all the power in our own hands to be happy and make our life great. We can choose who to be, and who to spend our time with. If they aren't positive and bringing something to the table, maybe we should exit gracefully. Thanks for your insight and positive outlook! (:

  2. Super advice! Ii do think that the year you spent being sad was not wasted though. It was going through that that you decided you did not want to be sad anymore. I did the same thing in my early thirties...and when I look back I don't feel like I am the same person. I, like you, learned that we choose how we want to live...and to be positive brings about happiness...not that there is no sad times...but the sad times are short and have a loss. I am just rambling now...but thanks for your post and I hope others read and learn. Jackie

  3. I only really learned this lesson when I hit my 40s. I firmly believe my life would have been different had I made these realizations earlier on. Thanks.

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Each of us have a choice - we can choose to look at life positively or we can expect others to make us happy. Your last paragraph says it all - You did great!

  5. What an incredible thought provoking post. You are SO VERY right. We all make choices every day - but if we try to find the good in what we do ...and in what we see in others...our lives will indeed be have me thinking....

  6. Love that every day is new and fresh and clean, and that we can start again, and again, and again, and that we can choose our attitudes every day. Thanks for these important reminders!

    You inspired my post for today!


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