I want to be me...

Today was a beautiful Oregon day. In Oregon, it is not often that we get gorgeous sunny days in the early Spring. Today was clear and 77 degrees. On days like today, there is so much possibility. The flowers are beginning to poke through the ground, the smell of sweetness floating in the air. Spring signifies newness, growth.

Spring is a time where we can move forward, grasp the things that are important...

There are so many things in the air right now. Sometimes we just need to step out and remember who we want to be. As the end of this challenge is nearing, I think about all the gifts it has given me...

* I made a commitment to begin daily writing and I have continued it for 82 days.
* I have become a more thoughtful writer in this process and I think that my craft has progressed.
* I have formed a bond with other writers and have loved reading their thoughts
* I am grateful for Stacey and Ruth for putting on this challenge. I will be continuing on Tuesdays
* I will be moving onto my new challenge The A to Z Challenge starting on Monday.

Spring is about regrowth...I am using this writing as an opportunity to grow...I am growing in my thoughts, I am growing in experience...I am stepping outside and reminding myself of who I want to be...I want to be me...


  1. I am so grateful for you and our friendship. Sending you love as we return to reality tomorrow.

  2. Good for you. I too will be participating in AtoZ. I look forward to future visits.


  3. 82 days - WOW that is incredible and wonderful. I made it through 31...and am filled with pride....and will continue trying for 3-4 times a week. I admire your writerly lfe. It is so true taht the more you write the better you write. Your writing is wonderful and I have enjoyed reading it all month! I'll be back!


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