Endings and beginnings...

I had a vision and a plan for tonights writing, but instead will reflect on the Slice of Life Challenge 2013. I had discovered this challenge and, since I was committed to writing every day and had already been writing since January, decided to begin Slicing. I had no idea the world that would open for me. My evenings changed...I became a blogger and a writer. I began looking forward to my nights on the computer, reading others blogs. First I would go to those who commented on my blog, and before long, I was following a long list of blogs.

I am a bit in mourning right now, knowing that this month is coming to an end. What will I do with my time...I mean, I have ideas...watch more Dr Who, spend time with my husband, kiss the littlest man, but really, what will I do???

I will continue writing. I have joined the #AtoZChallenge, which means I will continue to blog each night, with each topic inspired by a letter of the alphabet. We'll see where this one goes. I hope that some of you come with me, choose to follow my rambling (sometimes inspired) thoughts.

So for those who have impacted me with your comments, thank you...you have moved me to continue...for those who have stopped by and said nothing, thank you...your visit has inspired me to continue.

I will be continuing on Tuesdays with a special slice as well as a weekly bonus as well...

Looking forward to seeing you this year and I will be back for the #Slice2014...


  1. I could "second" every one of your comments about the power of this writing community! It is really inspiring and I too will miss the compelling reading and the reflective and poignant "looks" into slices of other's lives. See you on Tuesday - I'll be there too :)

  2. Good luck with the A-Z challenge! This writing/reading bug bites and you want to continue. I'm glad you found Slice of Life and plan to continue.


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