Drama Queen...

Today I brought puzzles to school again. I finished the puzzle last night that my students had destroyed. Even with pieces missing, it turned out pretty cool. I am going to glue it together and hang it on my wall, clearly labeled, "First Puzzle." The missing pieces symbolize how this year is going...we almost have it together, but we don't! We are a little broken.

As I am looking at my life, as well as those of my students, I realize that things are a bit crazy. Work is crazy, school is crazy, life is crazy...

I have spoken with some students about who they are surrounding themselves with, who they make time for. Using the puzzles as a way to work together, I am trying to encourage them to make good choices, surround themselves with others that will help them get to where they want to be. I think this can be a lesson for all of us. Who do we surround ourselves with? Do we get caught up in the drama or do we find a few that we can really trust, that make us laugh?

The spring is my step has sprung...I am trying to reclaim it to a place where I can dance again. I want to laugh and feel joy. I want to do the 6th grade shuffle, a kind of run/walk, as I go down the hall. There is a lot of drama...there are people in my life who are caught up with a lot of other things do...personal drama, professional drama. Walking the fine line between keeping it together and blowing up. I am trying to support others, hold them up in their time of need, while keeping myself together as well...no one can help someone else, if they too are falling apart.

Sometimes our life is like a play that is not of our own making...someone else is staging the action, placing the props, setting the stage. We are forced to fumble through our lines, jump over items we didn't see and hope that we manage to maneuver through the action. Any wrong move can create drama, and we hope that our moves are not creating more. It's time to take over the play, throw the props away, create our own action. Walk away from the drama and into the joy. Even in the hardest times...we can find it. We may have to look harder but it's there...Life is too short.

We should all be dancing queens...not a drama queen.


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