Capris and fun...

From a 70's party last BFF and I
 (oh..our husbands too!)
Today was one of those days where time seemed to stand still a bit. Sunday would normally be filled with preparing for Monday, lessons to be planned, papers to be graded, but today I just was. The sun stays out so long now that time is hard to judge. It seemed like I looked up and it was already 7:30. "Where did the time go?," I asked my husband. I hadn't even started making dinner and was planning baked non-mac and cheese. (Gluten free, dairy free, everything except delicious free!) This spring break it is time to reclaim by body. Two years ago, after spring break, I restricted my eating and ended up losing 50 pounds that I had been lugging around. My best girlfriend and I did it together with great success. Last spring I had finally reached my goal, bought the cutest capris ever and was prepared to go into this year feeling fit. Toward the end of the year I was rear-ended and my inactive summer let almost 20 pounds find their way back to me. UGH!

So my best girlfriend and her husband were here tonight for dinner. We talked about getting with the program again. This spring break is the time to begin again. I would like to be wearing this capris this summer. I am ready! We found a picture from last summer (above) before the poundage had found us again! This became our new lock screen on both our phones. It was almost like hanging a bikini on the wall. We's time!

So...I am armed with commitment and an attitude of success. I need to gather my plan so it can be fully implemented. I am ready. My body is almost feeling back improving. I am ready to begin.

Come (later this) will see me in those cute jeans again...I will be the one smiling!!!


  1. Good luck on this journey - right of weight passage - that so many of your friends out here in cyberspace are sharing....sigh...I love the idea of having a cute pair of capris as your goal!

  2. It's great to diet together. My BFF (the other half of Carolina HeartStrings) and I have found that to be helpful. She, however, has more willpower than I do, lol, thus more success! Good luck and hope to read about the good results later.


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