Age is just a number...

In 24 minutes, it is my birthday. Birthdays are always a weird time for me. I remember when I was young and I would wait, impatiently for the arrival of the next year. Now that I am older, I am not sure how to feel. I grew up with a mother who would always tell people that she was 10 years older than she really was. That way they would compliment her on how great she looked for her age. This was a real issue for me because I felt that they were fake compliments...I mean, the compliments were real, just based on false information. To solve this problem for myself, I just don't tell anyone my age. This accomplishes two things...first I don't have to think about it (since I can't remember most of the time anyway) and second, I realize that age is only a number, but I don't have to stress about it!

Sometimes when I think about the whole birthday thing, it really makes me think about the importance of it all. I mean, my grandmother just turned 94 and that is amazing, but why do we have to worry about age between maybe 30 and 80? Maybe those should just be the "middle years." When someone asks how old you are, you could just say, "I'm in the middle years." I actually really like that. We, as a society, are living longer, so those could be the middle years of your life. After the middle years, you could resume counting, since, above 80, you should be honored and revered anyway.

So, here is my plan...tomorrow is my birthday, a celebration of the day I was born. I am grateful for the following:

1) I am grateful to be in the middle years and going strong.
2) I am grateful that my mom did not win out with the name Shannon Jane, but instead my dad won with Shannon Kriste (pronounced Kris-ta)
3) I am grateful that I have a husband who understands that I am weird about the numbers
4) Sadly, I am a bit grateful that my mom is no longer alive so I don't have to listen to her tell me that I should be saying I am 10 years older...
5) I am grateful that this blog will be posted before my actual birthday begins!

Have a wonderful Saturday. I will be spending time with one of my best girlfriends, grading some papers that I have left undone while napping my Spring Break away, and having dinner with my family.


  1. This is a great post. For the last year or two age has been bothering me although I always remind myself everyday is a gift. Great attitude and Happy Birthday :)

  2. The middle years- hmm, interesting. I think I like it! Just came back from a meeting with the second grade team from my school. Realized that 1) they see me as their mom's age and 2) their combined age is about the same as my age. YIKES! Anyway, hope you had a great birthday!

  3. Shannon....I am now taking time reading posts I was unable to read in March for one reason or another. I am glad you have enjoyed my posts and I intend to follow yours as well. Especially since Maxine reminds you a bit of your mother... I am glad your dad won out on your has a nice rhythm to it. My middle name was supposed to have been Suzanne...but changed to Ann....which seems in my generation was a popular middle I wish Suzanne would have won...but I love the name Ann for a first name. I am off the subject again...and I do that often. Yes, age is just a number...and I like how you divided the ages into the middle I am still there! I think it funny that your mother told people she was ten years older than she really was...that is so opposite what most people do...but her reasoning was so like Maxine...although she never faked her age. Well, I better two elderly cats are hungry....thanks for stopping by my blog. Jackie


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