What does it mean to live?

What does it mean to live? Really live? Every day we are given the opportunity to choose, create our own lives..Choice is a powerful weapon...what would you do if your world was limitless?

A world without limits means that we control our destiny...our movement through time and space. We are in ultimate control of our own destiny. With every choice comes a consequence, whether positive or negative...with every action a reaction. The ebb and flow of life is determined by us.

Some say that failure is not an option, but failure is the only option because without failure, no learning ever takes place. How do we know what path to take if we have never stepped a foot out of our comfort zone?

Living a full and powerful life means taking on every aspect of our being...our work, our health, our relationships. A life of caution is not living at all. A life of caution is limited rather than limitless. We only have one shot at this existence...from the first time that we open our eyes from the great sleep before us until we close our eyes for the last time, we have to make the best of it. Each choice we make builds on the framework for the future ahead.

There is a time to be cautious and a time to throw caution to the wind and LIVE...

Live big...Make powerful choices in your life that will impact you and impact others. 

Live powerfully...Create a life where anything and everything is possible. Life is about creating possibility...

Live without fear...if you live with fear, then you let fear control you...

Live as if your life depends on it...it does!


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