The Procrastination Station...

Even as I tell my students that they should stay on top of their work, I have entered the Procrastination Station. Sitting here writing this blog post is, in some ways, another attempt to procrastinate. I am an item writer for the new (and improved) Smarter Balance test that will be coming to a state near you in 2015. This means that I am writing test questions that could potentially be on the actual test. (loud applause here...) Seems glamorous, I know, but actually it means writing more math problems than one should. All in all, it is interesting...I get to meet great people from around the state, but I am having a bit of a time staying on top of things.

Sometime I feel like I have gone back to my life as a beginning cocktail waitress and I am just learning to carry my tray. I wobble around hoping that nothing falls off while I am walking around carrying my life. Occasionally, things get off balance and I hurriedly grab everything off the floor and shove it on my tray, hoping I haven't left anything in the dark.

This week, I have had a lot of time that I could have been working on my items, but alas, Downton Abbey and The Game of Thrones (two very different shows, I know) have taken up my free time in the evening. So, here I am, on a Friday that my husband and I should have been going to see a movie, and I am item writing. I have done some work on other days mind you, just not enough of the work I need to do. It's my focus (or lack thereof) that is the problem.

The Procrastination Station is a place where many of us fall into. All the best intentions are there and yet, the minute we walk through the station door, they seem to melt away. All of the items that were pressing up against us only moments before are now floating through the air and we feel blissfully free. We may be focused and intentional people, but at the Procrastination Station, our cares melt away. Even the most focused can get lulled by the gentle music and warm presence there. For me, it's the one place where the stress of life seems dull and unimportant. I think that in the back of my mind, I know that as soon as I leave the station, all those things will be back, but for those blissful, sweet moments, I haven't a care in the world.

I am, generally, a responsible and caring person, wanting to be true to my word, focused and worthy, but sometimes the calling of the Procrastination Station is too strong to bear. It pulls me in and gives me a break from the cares of the world. Tonight, I am paying a bit for my visits to the Station this week, but ultimately, the mental break, even for a moment, makes it a whole lot easier to visit Motivation Station tomorrow...

So, I will walk away from the Procrastination Station, leaving whatever calm feelings I get knowing that those feelings are in some way false and short lived. The work and expectations will still be there when I walk out regardless if the break seemed necessary. If I go to the Motivation Station, I can focus and finish, leaving time to sit by the beach of my mind and hear the lull of the waves lapping onto the sandy shore, it's rhythmic balance giving my weary mind and body the rest it so desperately needs.


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