The invisible thread...

Tonight my husband and I went to see a movie. We have been working hard to get a nurse once a week in the evening to be with our youngest so we get some time out together. I must admit that most of these nights involve seeing movies since that is an area we have been sorely lacking. Anyway, tonight's movie was "Warm Bodies," a movie about zombies that I am not sure we would have seen except our first choice was sold out. Watching this movie about a zombie boy who saved a girl and fell in love with her, made me think about how we are with others when are hearts are awash with feelings.

Love is a mysterious thing. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason as to why we fall in love with another, what determines it's staying power. I think about my own loves and try to pinpoint what it was. I know I have spoken about love before and my three loves, but if you think about it, love is mysterious.

The meeting of your soul mate is determined by an invisible thread that connects us all. With the movement of one, another shifts. We never know how the impact of our movement changes another. It's like an invisible dance where we sway to silent music, never knowing where the next step will be.

Love comes in so many for another, love for your child, love for a friend, love for your family. I have been lucky in all these areas. I have had three true loves in my life, not all can say that they have experienced the same, four wonderful children, and incredible friends.

Meeting my husband, gave me two additional children. We each brought children to our marriage. I brought a girl, he brought two boys and then we had the surprise bridge child in our youngest. I always wanted many children, at least three. I never imagined that I would be lucky enough to have four. When my husband and I got married, we had a special ceremony to unite our family. It was a beautiful time. After a few years, the boys came to live with us and we had a houseful. Although those years were difficult, with our youngest in and out of the hospital and two teens, the love in our house and in my heart grew. Although the boys did not come from my womb, they are sons of my heart. I feel lucky that I was given the opportunity to be a part. The invisible thread connects us all. I feel them with me... connected. My daughter and I have always had a special bond. She is a part of my heart. The years where it was just her and I were special and unique. There were some hard times, but we made it through. Our youngest is a gift. He stole our hearts from the beginning. The battles that we have been through to keep him alive bonds a family like ours. The love that I have for them all sometimes is overwhelming. My heart feels like it will burst. The thread that binds us all ebbs and flows, but keeps us connected.

My life has been filled with love. I look at the early years where whether I was being loved was questionable and feel that maybe, in some way, those years where love was lacking may have paved a way for me to open my heart to the children in my life, my actual children, my students. I have a heart for them...feel connected by the invisible thread, knowing that my movements affect them in some way.

Friends? My life is full in this area...again, the invisible thread in life brings about the most unusual things...friends that you find in the most unexpected ways...friends brought to you through your children, friends that speak to your heart.

I have been lucky in love...I am blessed. That invisible thread that connects us all continues to ebb and flow and I am swaying to the music with all those in my life. I love to dance to this music and I am glad that I dance with you...


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