The dreamers, the thinkers, and me...

Many times we underestimate ourselves, our impact on others. I'd like to think that writing my thoughts daily not only is a way to settle my mind, process, but also that my thoughts may impact others in some small way. Today was one of those days. One of my co-workers, a woman I respect greatly, told me that she starts her day with my thoughts...this comment touched me, to believe that starting the day with words from me somehow makes her day more complete is amazing. It is a reminder that as we move through our lives, how important it is that we surround ourselves with those who are moving forward, have dreams, hopes, and direction.

Think again of the otters and the raft they build nightly when they sleep. They surround themselves with like minded friends, holding hands so no one gets lost, drifts away. Imagine if those people in your raft saw the greatness in you, even if you didn't see this greatness in yourself. As you are floating in the sea of your life, often rocky shores arise, sometimes you are bashed against them, but your raft can help protect you, pull you away from the shore. Someone in the raft is grounded, holding firm. If the believers and thinkers dwell in the possibility of your greatness, even if you yourself cannot see it, you can become great. The greatness within you is born, released into this life.

Henry David Thoreau says, "Go confidently in the direction of your the life you have imagined." What happens if you haven't imagined this life, this greatness within you? What happens if you never saw it before, only people in your raft are bringing it to your attention...creating the possibility of your greatness? Your only job becomes stepping into the greatness, the light that others are creating for you. They have opened the space, the dreamers, believers, and thinkers, we only need to have faith and step forward.

Our raft will be there to stop us from bashing against the rough and often hurtful part of life, a space of joy and solace will be created. In this space, this space of safety and comfort, those who are like minded will point...go this way...this is where your greatness lies. We believe in you...we know it's there...It has already been created, you just need to step forward and become the person we already know you to be. Your greatness has been already live it. We believe and now you believe to. Who are you? You are the possibility of greatness. The raft is here to catch you, we're holding hands..together we will create this world where greatness, dreaming, and thinking will live. We will all go confidently in this direction. Imagine if all of us opened this space for another, for each person to step into the light of their greatness. If we could do that, with love and confidence..each stepping forward into the possibility of who we are...

Together we would change our world.


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