A powerful voice...

Many of us think we have no power, no voice. I think about times in my life when I felt powerless with no voice. We are only powerless if we give up our voice to another...essentially giving up our power.

Our Myotubular Myopathy Community, the disease that my youngest son has, is both large and small. It is large because of the capacity of love and the size of people's hearts, yet it is small in numbers, less than 500 in the world. Today I found out that one of these MTM warriors, one with a big voice has been hospitalized.

Jacob Berry, a minister who is funny and spiritual, has been hospitalized, along his ministry tour, with pancreantitis. He is strong in heart, but like many affected with MTM, his body is not as strong as others. At the last conference, Jacob blessed me with his spirit.

Regardless of your beliefs, this is a young man who has a heart for those he speaks to.  In your thoughts and prayers, if you pray, please keep Jacob in yours. He is a young man with much to say and many to touch..

He is powerful...he has a voice.

To read more about Jacob go to Jacob Berry Ministries.


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