A life of miraculous proportions...

Life is a miraculous thing...the people we interact with, the friends we make. those we love. Each of us is connected and these connections can lead to deep and powerful relationships or like two ships in the night, just a brush between us.

During my first year in college I had opportunity to interact with a variety of people. Having broken up with my high school boyfriend of over a year, I was stepping out. One man that I dated, if you could even call it that, was an artist. It was almost a relationship of secretiveness. His father worked for the college and he had access to the art building. We would go in for late night sessions of working the clay, making bowls, cups, plates. It was a strange and fabulous relationship. We would talk for hours and just create. It faded as it started...just one day it was over, no hard feelings, but that time that was spent released an inner artist I didn't ever grow before that time. I think exploring those inner parts of yourself are so important. Sadly, too may of us never really give ourselves an opportunity to see what's out there is this amazing world.

Cynics of the world look often live their lives as if nothing is a miracle, there is no extrinsic force that creates. I like to believe that everything is a miracle. Regardless of your religious views, the idea that everything is new and amazing, every day, should be both humbling and overwhelming. Think of it...that miraculous thing called a sunrise. The sun coming over the horizon warming our side of the Earth. The Earth sleeping during the winter months, yet warming and being reborn in the spring.

Our world is a miraculous place. People are grown within a tiny womb...entire people (granted they are small in the beginning!). Flowers and trees, which are dormant during those cold months, come to life springing forth colors and scents that drift through the air. How can one not see this as miraculous. My grandmother just celebrated her 94th birthday, that is miraculous...my son, who should not have made it through those early years, is 11. Life is filled with miracles. Breathing in and out, filling your lungs with sweet air, is a miracle. Our bodies, intricate machines that can do far beyond what we can even imagine, are a miracle.

If we are to truly live this life...LIVE it, we must open our eyes to the miracles around us. Breathe them in...celebrate your existence. You are an integral part of the life you lead, the people you love. Choices you make take you along the paths you choose. Who you meet along those paths impacts the life you lead. Your friends, your family...each of these are a miracle. Living a life of miraculous proportions is the best choice to make...after all...life is a miracle and we are building it day by day...miracle by miracle.


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