Vegas and Text Speak

My Algebra students crack me up. This group (who I have, at times, felt that I was dragging through the mud) has found some new life in Probability. Now don't get me wrong, I understand that Probability is waaayyyy more fun than solving systems of equations, but still, their responses to things are almost making me Laugh Out Loud (I almost wrote LOL, but that's another story from today!)

Yesterday we were doing an activity "What's in the bag?" I had taken Skittles (100 purple, 25 red, 5 yellow) and placed them in a fabulous Bath and Body Works Bag. First the kids had to comment on that, but mostly they were excited about what was in the bag. "I think there's like 30 skittles in there...sounds like a lot when you shake it!" And we began pulling. The first 5 pulls resulted in 3 reds and 2 purple. The kids were content with that with the idea of half and half (since we had done another experiment with only two colors) until a YELLOW was pulled. One student audibly gasped and said (in a whisper), "What if all the colors are in there?" I laughed. They are so serious.

We have spent quite some time talking about Vegas this week and how the games aren't fair (and what that means). Today I told them they can choose a game and do some research on to win, how the odds are not stacked in their favor, etc. I can hear the conversations tonight in my head, "but Mrs. Mashinchi said I could do a report on Roulette...she wants me to figure out how to win!" I wonder which parents will be calling me wondering what the heck I am teaching their children, or worse yet, wondering if I have some gambling problem and am using the students to get information for me. Ahhhh...the life of a Middle School Math Teacher. The interesting topics might be a little hairy!

Another story from today (you are after all becoming my debrief session for the evening) was a class later in the day. They are the strangest combination of kids which makes them both my favorite and NOT favorite. I tell them they are awesome and awful at the same's weird! Anyway, today I had three groups of kids just carrying on conversations while I was talking. If they had been whispering, I could have ignore, but seriously FULL ON CONVERSATIONS!! I had already redirected two tables, excusing myself for interrupting their O-so-important conversations, but the third table seemed oblivious! They kept chattering away. I (quite loudly) said OMG (student name), please quit talking. She immediately snapped around and said, " I hate it when people talk in text speak!" to which I responded, "I hate it when people are talking when I am trying to teach." She stared at me, and then quit talking. Victory is mine! (I almost said out loud!) I almost laughed at her response! Wow! And all of this exciting work done with a cold that my husband "shared" with me! Thanks honey...that's love for you!

So you might be asking, why is she blabbering on about school? Well, like your children (if you have school age children), I spend most of my life at school. Like I said, I really do love my job. The kids...I love them and they drive me crazy (at the same time...I assure you it is possible!), but I do have a life (albeit small) outside of school.

At home, it's just David (the husband) and I, with our cutest boy Javad. Our bigger kids have all flown the coop, with Adam in DC, earning his keep making websites, his awesome girlfriend, Sam, teaching 2nd grade, our daughter Stesha, working on her masters (and working at the rec center and as a skills trainer), her boyfriend Brandon, who is finishing up his bachelors, and finally the youngest of the oldest Simon, who is working on his bachelors. We have four great kids. Ours is a mixed family (his (boys), hers (girl), and theirs (Javad)), yet you wouldn't know that our kids weren't actual siblings which I consider a true gift. I had the opportunity to be there for the boys at a time that was hard and help them navigate the waters, as well as help Stesha who has had her own battles. Javad has fought his too, having been diagnosed with a ultra rare form of Muscular Dystrophy called Myotubular Myopathy as a baby. Overall we are grateful for such great and healthy kids. Over time you will hear about them too...after all this blog is about life, love and math...the love stuff...that's too mushy for now. :) Let's leave that for later! Today...just life and MATH (Of course!)


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