Go for the Epic Win!

Sometimes in my life I feel a bit bipolar. This week has represented one of these weeks. Last Friday I was feeling as if I was the worst teacher ever and less than one week later, my spirits are high.

When confronted in our lives with difficult times, we really only have two choices, forge on or quit. That's it...

There is a quote from Steve Jobs that I think really sums up my week (my life): "If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you." 

My vision is broad. I have found a great herd that I feel nurtures and protects me. I am motivated to improve my workplace, help my students find their path, move forward. My son is healthy and is getting healthier. I am blessed.

I have a friend who told me about this great website called "SuperBetter." This website talks of making anything in your life a game and identifying how to get the EPIC WIN!!! You should really check it out!!

Today, I talked with one of my LEAST motivated students about the idea of making math class a game and what would an epic win look like for him. He bought it! We talked a bit, he worked. IT WAS GREAT!!! I felt like I was making a breakthrough and you know what? I was working toward my epic win too!!

Last summer when I went to the Model Schools Conference they talked about getting the Epic Win. I was motivated and then I lost it. I am getting it back!!

So here you have it: The Game of Teaching 

My Secret Name: QueenMthTchr
My Game: Maths
My Allies: (Who is on my side?) The Rose, The Scientist, The Wood Walker, The Pug Whisperer, and the Knitter...(maybe you?) Each of them will have a role in helping me win my game of Maths...
The Bad Guys: Apathetic Teenagers, Apathetic Colleagues, Apathetic Parents
My Quests: (What I do to battle the Bad Guys)...Make teaching interesting, have fun, keep my spirits up
My Power-Ups: Lunchtime walks, Starbucks, working with others
My Epic Win: Students leaving having learned skills in math and how to be a better student. Students passing math and being proud.

I back to working on something exciting...I really care about this game that I am playing. My vision is pulling me forward and there is no going back. I am in it to win it and not just win, but have the EPIC, EPIC WIN!!! 

What are you making your game about? Let's play!


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